Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3DS analog stick

3DS Analog Stick

       Nintendo is releasing an attachment that adds a second analog stick to the 3DS. It will require a AAA battery to operate(lame). I don't know why Nintendo didn't put two analog sticks on in the first place. Two analog sticks has become the norm, and both are needed in games. For instance, IDK how I would play a fps without two analog sticks.There are some rumors that the new 3DS model will come with a second analog stick built in.
       I think this analog addition shows how horribly the 3DS is doing. Even with a significant price drop($249.99 to $169.99), the 3DS is still doing badly enough to warrant changing the hardware of the whole system. I think Nintendo overestimated how badly people want 3-D entertainment. Or perhaps they just should have released any decent game with the 3DS launch. Nintendogs and Pilot Wing are not the first franchises that come to mind when I think about Nintendo.