Friday, October 7, 2011

UMVC3 Online Changes

Online Changes
Courtesy of Capcom-Unity

#1 Spectator Mode added!
Up to 6 players can watch battles while 2 battle.
#2 Before having a match, you can check out your opponent's information and decide whether you would like to battle against him/her or not for Player Match and Ranked Match.
#3 In the last game, it was difficult to tell who had bad network manners, but in UMVC3 skull, silver, gold icons will be shown.
#4 Looked over the retry features for matching and made matching better than the last game.
#5 In the last game, if matching was unsuccessful, you were brought back to the top menu screen, but in this game, it will bring you back to the screen where you can search again.
#6 In the leaderboards, there's a new button/feature which will take you to the rank at which you are positioned, and a cursor to make viewing easier.

#2 Seems like an awful idea.  If you can decide who to play, why would anyone ever play someone who is ranked higher then them?   Just cancel the match and look for a weaker opponent.  And don't try to tell me lower ranked people won't do this.  There is a large community of 12 year olds who enjoy being dicks.

I really hope #2 won't get abused, but I know it will be.