Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows Review

Released Oct 4, 2005
Developed By: Konami
Published By: Konami
Platforms: DS
        Capcoms Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow for the DS is an entertaining sequel to Castlvania: Aria of Sorrow.  It is an action adventure game with RPG elements where Soma, the protagonist and reincarnation of Dracula, must fight his way through a replica of Dracula’s castle in order to stop Cecilia, the main baddy,  from reincarnating the dark lord on earth.   The story is enjoyable, though not incredibly exciting.  There are three different endings, which added a little replay value.
        Soma can absorb powers from the enemies he defeats, giving him new buffs or attacks. There are a lot of powers to be had; things like a cloak of fire, or a hard-hitting laser beam, or increased strength.  The combat is challenging, with Soma slashing enemies and dodging attacks as in other 2D action games.  As Soma levels up, he gains the basic RPG stats (HP, STR, DEF, etc). If a boss was proving to be too difficult, leveling up a few times let me gain the upper hand.
        Soma can equip a piece of armor, a weapon, and an accessory.  There are a large variety of weapons, and weapon types.    Soma can also equip up to three of the powers he absorbs from felled enemies.
         Five magic seals are scattered throughout the castle which teach special abilities. Soma must unlock all five special abilities in order to defeat the games many unique bosses.  Magic seals are used by drawing a pattern on the touch screen.  This is the only way the touch screen is used.  Defeating a boss felt like an accomplishment, which is rare nowadays.
           After viewing a certain ending, Julius Mode is unlocked. This mode lets you play as Julius, an ally in the castle who wants to stop the reincarnation of the dark lord just as much as Soma. This mode is simplified, with less RPG elements.   It is more akin to the classic Castlvania games from NES days.
           Most action adventure fans will enjoy Dawn of Sorrow; I highly recommend it.

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