Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sequence Review

Released October 20, 2011
Developed By: Iridium Studios
Published By: Iridium Studios
Platforms: PC
        Iridium Studios introduces a simple new concept in their rhythm/RPG game Sequence.   You play as Ky, a kid stuck in a tower who can’t remember how he got there.  To escape, Ky must make it to the top of the tower.  Enemies drop items that must be collected in order to unlock the next floor.  During combat, there are three boards, one for damage, one for spells, and one for mana. Hitting the arrow keys in time with the music lets you prevent damage, cast spells, or gain mana, depending on which board you are on.
        The story is decent, with some crappy jokes scattered throughout.  It is told ‘The World Ends With You Style’; two motionless characters talking through voice bubbles.  The voice acting is very nicely done. In the end, the combat shined more than the story in Sequence.
        Sequence could have used a bit more variety in the songs, but I never got bored with anything.  Great soundtrack, really immersive gameplay, and a $5 price tag make this an awesome game.