Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.4 From a Wizard's Perspective

Note: A lot of this article will sound like gibberish if you haven't played D3

           Unfortunately for about six million Diablo fans, including myself, we didn't know that we were paying $60 to be part of the Diablo 3 beta.  With patch 1.0.4 Blizzard has finally given us the Diablo game we all clamored for since day one.  A lot of the changes were taken right from the message boards.
           There were three changes to the elite/champion mobs; the invulnerable minion ability is gone from elites, mobs no longer heal, and there is no longer a time limit on killing mobs.  These were my three biggest complaints about fighting special mobs, and thankfully they were all fixed. These changes do make the game easier, but I think all of these changes were necessary.
           All of the classes got revamped.  I only have played a Wizard, so I can not comment on whether the changes to the other classes are good or not.  I did like the changes to Wizards though. The patch increased the spec options for Wizards significantly. The most popular Wizard spec got nerfed (CM/WW), but the buffs to the other skills make up for this.  The hydra spell runes have all been brought up to the level of the venom rune, making them all viable to use finally.  Meteor and Arcane Torrent were also buffed, making them usable. I have used about 15-20 different builds, playing around trying to find the one I like most.  With almost all of my builds, I was able to at least survive and take down some elites in act III.  I have been able to clear half of act III with 3-4 different builds.
           Paragon levels are an amazing addition.  After you reach level 60, you start to gain experience toward your paragon level.  Each paragon level gives you +3% magic and gold find, as well as the stat bonus' of a normal level up.  There are 100 paragon levels.  It is supposed to take about the same amount of time to reach paragon level 100 as it did to reach level 99 in Diablo 2, so about 1000 hours.  This feature has gotten me addicted to D3 again.
           Patch 1.0.4 also added a magic/gold find cap, 300%.  I wish they hadn't done that, but the other changes allow me to forgive Blizzard.
           And finally, the auction house functions like it should have since day one.  You are now able to select six preferred stats per search, like you could in the alpha version.  You also can now select preferred stats for legendary item searches.
           In summation, hooray! Blizzard finally released a working, entertaining Diablo game.