Saturday, December 22, 2012

InFamous Review

Released May 26,2009
Developed By: Sucker Punch
Published By: Sony
Platforms: PS3
        InFamous, by Sucker Punch, does an amazing job of making the player feel like Cole, a burgeoning super hero.  The story (which is decent) doesn't change much depending on whether Cole is good or evil, though his interactions with the city and his powers do change. 
Sucker Punch did a great job creating a beautiful, fully interactive city.  People will flee in fear of your villainy, or run towards your heroics taking pictures.  Cole travels around the city parkour style.  Everything in the city can be scaled; climbing up most buildings is simple.   InFamous does a nice job of assisting with ledge and wire grabs, making things easier.  The platforming is a lot like one of Sucker Punches other successful franchises, Sly Cooper.  Occasionally, Cole can phase through a wire or a fence, but these glitches are few and far between.
        The story is not Pulitzer worthy, but it is on par with many comic books and cartoons of today.  The main reasons to play are the platforming and the combat. Fighting enemies really made me feel how powerful Cole is.  Combat is generally fun, but at times it can be annoying, and it can be infuriating on harder difficulties. The main problem is that while aiming, the crosshairs move very slowly. Aiming is in the over the shoulder zoom style (like Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War). There is also no quick way to turn around, which can result in a quick death when attacked from behind.   
        Cole's general superness helps to overcome the combat shortfalls though.  Cole gains a nice array of new powers throughout the game, from the defensive to the amazingly destructive.
 Jason Cottle, the voice Cole, helps you feel the main characters pain and anger.  In general the graphics are striking.  The cutscenes are either voiced over comic style pictures, or the same graphics as normal gameplay, just zoomed in on the conversation.
        Enthralling combat, interesting platforming, eye-catching graphics, an amazing story, and engrossing voice acting make InFamous one of my favorite super hero games of all time.

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