Monday, January 28, 2013

China Reconsidering Console Ban

An untapped market
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           China banned the sale of consoles in 2000 because of parental outcry.  Parents were worried about a child's mind being wasted on video games.  For some reason, PC games didn't get included in the mix, and PC gaming is bigger than ever in China.  The console ban is not high on the list of the Chinese governments concerns, so there is a flourishing underground market.  The foundation is set; a lot of people in China love video games already.
           If China allows the legal sale of consoles, it would be the best thing to happen to gaming in a long time. China might censor/ban some games, but for a lot of gaming companies it would add 1,344,130,000 potential customers.  
           1.3 billion new legal consumers, who haven't had a legal console in 13 years, will most likely eat up any title that is released, including many back catalogs. More money spent by consumers on games means more money spent by developers on games; maybe even opening up the way for new IP's, ideas, and gameplay styles.
           While nowhere near 1.3 billion people will become gamers overnight in China, it does open up a staggeringly huge market.

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