Wednesday, January 2, 2013

InFamous 2 Review

Released June 7, 2011
Developed By: Sucker Punch
Published By: Sony
Platforms: PS3
InFamous 2 picks up where the original left off, delivering much of the same excitement of being a super hero as the first InFamous.  The combat is enjoyable, and just like combat in the first game.  I think the story is pretty weak.  The graphics overall are awesome, though they are also largely unchanged.
 Traveling around the city is made simple with, among other things, a lightning tether reminiscent of Spider-Man’s webs.  New electrified poles on the side of buildings can rocket Cole towards the sky quickly, making it easy to get to the roof of most buildings.  Cole also gains the ability to hover this time around.  These new features helped me seamlessly traverse the city of New Maries.  Unfortunately, unlike the first InFamous, there are no platforming-oriented areas. 
The writing overall isn't great.  A powerful entity known as ‘The Beast’ has destroyed Empire City, and is making its way southwest, towards New Marais. New Maries is an impressive, and exaggerated, video game version of New Orleans post hurricane Katrina. The story made me feel like the first game was mostly meaningless.  It helps that the endings are interesting, and wrap things up in a satisfying way. 
In a huge mistake, Sucker Punch decided to change the voice actor of Cole between InFamous one and InFamous 2.  The new actor is fine, but to me, the new voice makes it hard to think of Cole as the same character.  Sucker Punch said the reasoning behind it was that they were using a new facial recognition technology in InFamous 2.  They wanted someone who looked like Cole, not someone who sounded like Cole.  This was a very bad decision.  Most of the rest of the cast does a great job, with the exception of one overly stereotypical swamp born black girl.  This is partly due to the writing, but the actress doesn't do much to help the character. 
Another cool feature is the ability to create missions and upload them for others to play.  It's nice that this feature is in the game, but I had a hard time finding interesting missions. If you enjoyed the first InFamous, you will enjoy InFamous 2.  For everyone else, InFamous 2 is still worth a look.  Being a super hero (or villain) is always fun.

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