Friday, February 8, 2013

Activision Blizzard 2012 Financial Results

       Activision Blizzard has released their financial results for the 2012 calendar year, and things went pretty awesome for the company.  Skylanders, Diablo 3, and the money printing machine that is Call of Duty helped propel Activision Blizzard to a very profitable year, during a time where a lot of developers posted losses.
           Activision Blizzard had net revenues of $4.86 billion, a $100 million increase from 2011.  Activision Publishing was the top console and handheld developer, with the #1 and #3 best-selling franchises in North America and Europe- Call of Duty and Skylanders.
           Call of Duty: Black Ops II was the #1 selling videogame in 2012.  Black ops II reached $1 billion in sales in just 15 days, the fastest ever for any entertainment product.  This beat the previous record holder Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 by one day.
           Diablo 3 also broke a record by selling 6.3 million copies in its first week, the fastest ever for a PC game.  Activision Blizzard might think they left some money on the table with Diablo 3 though, conceding the title did not have the end game content needed to keep players coming back for more. Still, profits through digital online channels totaled $1.54 billion, a 32% increase from 2011.  I imagine the real money auction house in Diablo 3 helped increase digital revenues a bit.
           In 2012, Skylanders Giants was the #5 best-selling game in dollars, and Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure was the #4 best-selling game.  As of December 31, Skylanders had brought in more than $1 billion worldwide, while selling more than 100 million Skylanders toys.
           World of Warcraft remained the #1 subscription based MMO, which is no surprise given the past few years of dominance. In addition, the WoW expansion Mists of Pandaria was the 3rd best-selling PC game of 2012.
           The future of Activision Blizzard is looking just as profitable, with Starcraft II releasing an expansion, Heart of the Swarm, on March 12th.  The company also said they will continue to support Black Ops II with additional DLC, including the Revolution Map Pack, and a brand new Call of Duty game sometime this year.  Activision Blizzard had a great year, despite some underwhelmed Diablo fans.

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