Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Video Streaming Service Redbox Coming Exclusively to Xbox 360

           Verizon and Microsoft have teamed up to bring Redbox Instant exclusively to the Xbox 360.  Redbox Instant lets you stream movies from home (like Netflix).  Subscribers also get vouchers for four free rentals from a Redbox location.

           The service will be $8 a month, or $9 a month for Blu-Ray.  I don't see how making Redbox exclusive to one console will help the service.  The Wii is the most popular console to stream videos on, with 33 percent of its usage being for streaming videos, compared to 15 percent for the 360 and PS3, according to a Neilson survey.  The Wii is  in 38 million homes in the US, the most out of any of the consoles. Completely ignoring that large of a market might hurt sales of Redbox Instant.

Anyone interested can sign up for the free beta here.

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