Thursday, February 21, 2013

PS4 Roundup

First off, Sony did not show the actual PS4 console, nor did they say a price point, which is lame.

PlayStation Blog:
-"DUALSHOCK 4 Revealed: Pushing the Boundaries of Play"
-"PlayStation Meeting 2013: The Future of Gaming is Here with PlayStation 4" (PS Blog)"

-"The PS4 Hardware in 5 Minutes - Hardware Specs, PS Vita integration, DualShock Controllers, & More!" (Rev3Games)
PS4 Dualshock
-"Square Enix to show new Final Fantasy for PS4 at E3" (CVG)
-"Sony Exec: PlayStation 4 Doesn’t Block Used Games" (IGN)
-"What's New With Sony's DualShock 4?" (IGN)
-"Media Molecule shows off PS Move demos on PS4" (CVG)
-"Gallery: Sony shows off PlayStation 4 Eye" (CVG)
-"More details on the PlayStation 4 Eye and DualShock 4" (Destructoid)
-"PlayStation 4 does not require an internet connection (EuroGamer)
-"Sony stock dives after PS4 reveal" (Destructoid)
-According to Gurilla Games, the makers of Killzone, the Cost to develop PS4 Games is comparable to developing games on current gen consoles (Destructoid)
-"PS4's Encouraging Start Centers Around Sharing and Developer Friendliness" (1up)
-JAW, developer of Oddworld, is making a new game for the PS4 (JAW Blog)
-A List of Third-Parties Working on Games for the PS4 (Destructoid)
-"Gaikai tech brings spectating, instant demos, more to PS4" (CVG)
-"Sony: PSN games won't transfer to the PS4, nor will your game saves" (Engadget)

Game News:
-Diablo 3, from developer Blizzard, Coming to PS3 and PS4 (PS Blog)
-"Witcher 3 confirmed for PS4. (Project also in development for next gen Xbox)" (CVG) -- (Trailer)
-"Killzone: Shadow Fall, from developer Guerrila Games, Announced for PlayStation 4" (PS Blog)
-inFAMOUS: Second Son, from developer Sucker Punch, Announced for PlayStation 4 (PS Blog)
-Racing Evolves on PlayStation 4 with Driveclub, from developer Evolution Studios (PS Blog) -- (Trailer)
-Watch Dogs, from developer Ubisoft, is Coming to PS3 and PS4 (PS Blog) -- (Trailer)
-Destiny, from developer Bungie, is Coming to PS3 and PS4 with PS-Exclusive Content (PS Blog)
-Knack from Sony is A Brand New Platformer for PlayStation 4 (PS Blog) -- (Trailer)
-The Witness, from developer Blow, is An Open-World Puzzle Game on PlayStation 4 (PS Blog)
-Capcom debuts a new engine and new PS4 game 'Deep Down' [working title]" -- (Trailer)

-"1UP's PlayStation 4 Roundtable: Opinions, Analysis, and Community Reactions"
-"Post show conversation with ScrewAttack crew about PS4" (ScrewAttack)
-"PlayStation 4: Five takeaways for developers" (Gamasutra)
-"Playstation 4 Specs and Details REVEALED! Adam Sessler's First Impressions" (Rev3Games)

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