Monday, August 26, 2013

Saints Row IV Pop-Culture References

My full review of Saints Row IV is being worked on, but I thought it might be interesting to list the references to pop-culture that I found.

Note: Some of these references are spoilers for both Saints Row IV and the media it is referencing.  I have put the name of the referenced media first, to help try to avoid unwanted spoilers.

-From Mass Effect- Your presidential advisor Keith David is voiced by Keith David, who was also the voice of Colonel David Anderson in Mass Effect.  I guess that’s not so much a reference as a fun fact, but I digress.  The setup of the ship in SRIV is very similar to the Normandy. Also,  each ally in both games has a “loyalty mission” that can be completed to power them up.  Finally, the scene at the end of Mass Effect 2 where Shepard leaps to the ship is very reminiscent of the leap of the Protagonist in SRIV when he escapes.

-From Star Fox 64- an ally recommends you “Do a Barrel Roll”

-From Harry Potter - The unnamed protagonist asks if catching a glowing yellow ball gives him points.

-From multiple stories of Edgar Allen Poe - A text adventure game has a section meant to depict "terror as personified by [Earth's] literary culture" containing a raven, a pendulum, a heart in the floor, and a walled off skeleton. 

-From Metal Gear Solid- There is a stealth mission where the protagonist wears an outfit very similar to Solid Snake.  Also, during the mission cardboard boxes are used to hide from guards. Finally, during the mission one guard says “This snake is 100% solid!”, except in this instance he is referring to his junk.

-From Dragon Ball Z – When Genki goes Super-Genki, he starts glowing yellow in a Super Saiyan-esque matter.  There is also a Super Saiyan hair option.

-From Mortal Kombat – Once ally Pierce’s super powers are unlocked, he is outfitted with gear that looks similar to Kung Lao's.

-From The Matrix – Once ally Ben King gets his super powers, he is outfitted in Morpheus’ outfit from The Matrix

Gamefront made a video of another 50 references to pop-culture found in Saints Row IV. I'm sure between us we have still missed a bunch of references though. Have you noticed any references we missed? Leave a comment.

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