Friday, July 31, 2015

Cornelius and Forsenthia

      Dew covered the grass. Cornelius unwrapped his fingers one by one, then re-gripped his knobby staff with renewed fervor. Sunlight passing through the glass orb atop the staff rainbowed his white cloak as he adjusted himself in his saddle. His mount chirped.

      “Quiet Forsenthia,” Cornelius whispered.

      Forsenthia shut up and lowered his head. His green body blended into the grass surrounding them. A brown saddle strapped to her back made it much easier for Cornelius to maintain his balance.

      “We are here to scout,” Cornelius said. “I'm pretty sure they have ant spray.”

      Forsenthia squirmed.

      “I know we aren't ants,” Cornelius said. “I mentioned it because the spray will also kill us, you smart alec.”

      Forsenthia moved 3 of his legs backwards.

      “Let's just go check it out,” Cornelius said.

      After clipping his staff to the saddle, Cornelius clenched his thighs. Forsenthia hopped towards the nearest smoldering campfire, long quenched by the morning's water. 

     As they passed by the sleeping perimeter guards Cornelius made a mental note of the sun's placement. "Remember these four are asleep at 6:15," he whispered.

      Forsenthia chirped.

      “I meant quietly remember!”

      A guard stirred.

      Forsenthia halted. Cornelius held his tiny mouth shut, not daring to move. The restless guard scratched his beard with a yawn, stretched, then started snoring.

      “We need to get a copy of their map,” Cornelius whispered. “Then we can get out of here.”

      Forsenthia hopped towards the largest tent, ensuring him and his rider never popped above the top of the grass.

       “I'm going to copy it with a spell you idiot, stop telepathizing at me.”

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