Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Muses

“He said that we are not needed, this cannot stand.”
“He said it's up to them to think of ideas on their own.”
“He called us 'he'!”

            Jack's dog had been restless all day. He hoped letting the dog stick her head out the window would help. He needed some candy either way. The dog barked in his ear. Maybe this wasn't the best idea.
            He shoved the dog back into the passenger seat and refocused on the road. There was a wide shoulder, and it was a short-
            The dog jumped into Jack's lap and barked at the closed window, ignoring the open passenger window. The van swerved. He shoved the dog into the far back of the van, grabbed the wheel, and put himself back on the road. The cooler of meat was sealed tight in the middle row of seats; the store was close. It would be fine.

“This is too perfect, a small nudge and our tragedy is born.”
“This is too perfect, we can't let this go by.”
“He doesn't even believe in us, he won't think we had anything to do with this.”

            A gleeful chuckle from behind made Jack jump out of his seat. He turned around in shock, sure some women had stowed away. There was no one, only his dog staring him in the eyes. He turned back to the road. The dog had not laughed, and no one was in the van besides him. He refocused on the road.
            Jack felt a finger drag across his cheek. He wiped at it and felt nothing. It fluttered along his cheek again and his dog growled in the backseat. His body, and the wheel, turned around to see the dog pounce on the meat in the now open cooler. He kept his eyes on the dog for a second, then realized raw meat isn't the best thing to eat. He hopped into the backseat to wrestle the meat away.
            Something smashed against the windshield. He turned in time to see the van hit the guard rail along the highway. Blood covered the hood. “”. He grabbed his cane and got out to see if whatever he hit had survived.
            The guy wasn't moving. His lower body was perpendicular to his torso. Blood covered the prostrate man's face. He began to moan in pain. The wounded mans blood-blinded eyes drifted to the driver.
            Jack accidentally let out a sigh of relief; at least they guy was moving. The guy looked familiar, from some movie or something. He sat down on a nearby rock, called 911, and waited for the ambulance. Unfortunately he had experience with this kind of thing. He stood to check how the guy was doing and nearly fell back down.
           An ivory skinned woman danced around the man, strumming a lyre. “You doubted look at you,” she said.
            Two more women appeared. Jack rubbed his eyes.
            “Oh you fool! What did that gain? Now we have to clear his memory of the pain.”
            “At least he won't finish his book. Besides, look at his legs, how can you not laugh at the sight?”

            The driver took a deep breath and shook his head. His mind was still buzzing, but the women were gone. The crash must have injured him more than he thought.
            “Please tell me it's not dislocated,” the guy said from the ground.

“And so it is done”
“I think the cosmos accepts our sentence.”
“No one will believe Jack, about the cause of the attack.”
“I have found that Jack can be taken care of through poisoning.”
“I will grace a mortal with the story, Jack probably won't tell the whole truth.”
“He probably won't even tell them everything, he'll just say it was his dog's fault.”
“Another tragic tale.”
“Another reason to dance.”
“Another reason to laugh.”

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